Powering the next generation of mobility services

Having transported millions of people, we have seen customer expectations evolve. We’ve built the tools to help you meet them, no matter what mobility service you provide.



Passengers expect ridesharing to work in real-time, with the shortest detours, the quickest routes and lowest waiting times, all at the tap of a button.

Offer passengers on-demand transport at a fraction of the price thanks to Drivr’s SDKs. This allows you to quickly craft a state-of-the-art ridesharing experience, with instant ride requests using tried-and-tested, high converting user flows. Our sophisticated ridesharing algorithms match people together going in the same direction in real time, using the most efficient route possible, helping you drastically lower your operating cost.


Spiri, an on-demand ridesharing and car rental concept, quickly built their customer facing apps using our suite of SDKs and assets, saving their development team valuable time.


Car sharing


The rise of services like DriveNow and Car2go shows that consumers want alternatives to car ownership. They want better and cheaper ways to access vehicles whenever they want.

With Drivr’s technology stack, remotely communicate with your fleet of vehicles using our vehicle connectivity kit. Control various vehicle states, like keyless locking and unlocking. Telematics data collected from the CAN bus also enables predictive servicing, like scheduled maintenance, and monitoring battery charge. Drivr provides all the cloud connectivity needed for you to develop the next generation of car sharing services.


Ride hailing

Disruption from the likes of Uber and Lyft means customers now expect very high quality services on top of very low cost and convenience. Our data science tools let you understand your customers and your service better.

Seamlessly incorporate feedback loops into your product with a ride rating system. Easily identify poor performing aspects of your service and compensate unhappy customers accordingly. Customisable voucher systems let you attract new customers and reward existing ones, based on certain behaviours, like loyalty, booking frequency or user satisfaction.


Sakso Tallinn, a leading Tallinn based Estonian private hire service, was faced with tough competition from app based competitors. Thanks to Drivr, they were able to quickly deploy an on-demand ride hailing app and convert and grow their user base into loyal app customers.


Public transport

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Drivr’s technology stack enables public transport services to be as dynamic as other, newer on-demand services that we all love and use every day.

Our vehicle connectivity kit, coupled with our mobile SDKs, makes building mobile apps incorporating live ETAs and real-time map plotting easier than ever, allowing passengers to plan their journeys more effectively. In addition, our management tools allow you to monitor and manage your fleet of vehicles remotely, and further integrate your service within the wider transport ecosystem.

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